While enrolled at Elon University, I have produced many multimedia journalism projects through both classes and organizations. I’ve created content through video, photography, print and even HTML coding, and below are some of my favorite projects that I have worked on over the last few years. Enjoy!

As part of a crossover show with two student media organizations at Elon, I went to an E-Sports tournament held on campus over the course of two days. I even tried my hand at playing Super Smash Bros against one of Elon’s best players. You can watch the full episode here!


For this semester-long project,  I worked with a group of other journalists to put together a story about the mediation program ReDirections. We all went into this story knowing almost nothing about mediation in North Carolina, and I hope you learn as much from it as we did while we were reporting on it. This project was written, shot, edited, and coded entirely by me and my group.

As part of a class called Creating Multimedia Content, I traveled to Salisbury, North Carolina to do a profile on former metal band guitarist Kirk Lloyd. Kirk had struggled with drug addiction earlier in life, and it was a truly incredible experience getting to listen to and share his story.


During my senior year, I did a project on the presence of blackface in old yearbooks at Elon University in light of recent events involving Virginia Governor Ralph Northam. I wrote, shot, edited and coded this project over the span of a few weeks to prepare the final product, which can be found here.

When Elon opened a new dining hall in late 2018, I covered the story for a TV News Reporting class. I was responsible for all writing, shooting, interviewing and editing for this story as well.